• Gold buddah


    Gold leaves have been used for centuries to works of art and elevate them to true masterpieces.

    Works of art gilded with gold leaves all over the world exude a timeless elegance and splendor.

    Gilding works of art with gold leaf is a process that requires skill and precision, but the result are stunningly beautiful.

  • Gilding Gold


    Artworks gilded with gold leaves can be found in all shapes and sizes, from small sculptures and paintings to huge statues and buildings. Gold leaves can be used to add accents to artwork or to cover entire surfaces.

    It can enhance the visual appeal of the artwork, increase its value and provide protection against weather and aging. Gold leaf is a durable material that does not oxidize quickly.

  • Gold leaf art


    Gold leaf gilding is a process in which thin sheets of gold are applied to the surface of an object to give it a shiny finish.

    Gilding objects with gold leaves is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries to embellish works of art.

    The gold leaf gilding process begins with preparing the surface of the object to which the gold leaves will be applied.

    The surface must be smooth, clean and free of impurities to ensure that the gold leaves adheres perfectly and gives an even finish.

    Then gilding glue is applied to the surface.

  • example of processing gold leaves


    The gilding glue is a tacky, slow-drying adhesive that helps keep the gold leaves firmly in place.

    Once the gilding glue has been applied, the gold leaf is placed on the surface by hand and carefully spread out.

    The gold leaf is then pressed down with a soft brush to hold it firmly in place and remove any air bubbles.

    The process is repeated until the entire surface is covered with gold leaves.

    After applying the gold leaves, the object is polished to give it a smooth, shiny finish. This is done using a soft cloth.

    If you are looking for a unique way to embellish and elevate your objects, gold leaf gilding can be a great option.