How many carats are the gold leaves?

GildingGold gold leaf is 99.9% Pure gold = 24 carat.

How do I determine the correct size?

All measurements are expressed in millimeters (MM).

To find the right size, it is important to know the size of the surface that needs to be covered.

What payment methods are available on the site?

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Is returns free?

Returns are at your own expense, depending on the carrier and the country from which you are returning your package.

What are the return conditions?

Our return policy guarantees that you can return your order within 14 days of receipt without any reason.

Items must be returned to us in the same condition as received.

GildingGold cannot accept returns on items purchased during a sale. Items purchased during a sale can only be returned in exchange for another product or voucher.

Shipping costs for orders outside the Netherlands are not refundable.

How long does it take to exchange a product?

If you indicate that you want to exchange a product when you register your return, we will immediately work on this. This way we can ensure that your exchange is completed within a few days.

What can I do if my exchange product is no longer available?

Ask the customer service team about the possibilities. We will update you when we expect to deliver the product. If you have already made your return and the product is sold out, we will contact you and work with you to find a solution.

Where can I find my order number to register my return?

Your order number can be found in the confirmation email you received after placing your order. This is a five-digit code. If you did not receive this email correctly, our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

What should I do if a product is defective or damaged?

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a product is damaged during shipping or production. We are of course happy to resolve this with you. Send a message to GildingGold with a photo of the complaint. Our customer service will work with you as soon as possible to find a solution.

What should I do if I want to return my order outside the return period?

Remember to deliver your return within the 14 day period before the return period expires. In the unlikely event that this does not work, we will offer you the option of exchanging the product for a replacement or a voucher. Ask our customer service for the possibilities.

How long does a refund take?

We do our best to process returns as quickly as possible. After receiving your return at our warehouse, we will reinforce it within 10 working days. On your track and trace that you receive with your return shipment, you can see when the package has arrived at our warehouse. From then on the 10 working days start. After the refund has been made, you will receive a message about it. Please note that it may take up to 3 days for the refund to appear in your bank account.